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"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:" 1Peter 3:15.

Our testimonies are dedicated to the experiences and trials that forged us in Christ.

   -J.A. McDaniel.

   Last night we went to the Columbus Civic Ctr. to see a program for youth Christians. There were two Christian bands, they played just like at a concert, but the musicians took breaks to read scripture & give testimony. The guests of honor were students from Columbine High School & Healy High School from Paduka, Kentucky where the shootings were. Wow, were their testimonies powerful!

These students were all face to face w/ the shootists & they accredit God for saving them. One girl from Columbine was sitting at a table in the Library w/ 5 of her friends. As you know, that is where most of the killings were. Anyway, they ducked under the table & one of the shootists shot & killed each one of them, while this one girl stayed on her knees praying, the guy stopped & looked at her but did not shoot her, he just got up & left & began shooting others. She said she does not know what struck him to spare her, because he shot & killed all of the other 5 that were sitting next to her at the same table! Two of the boys from the Paduka shooting were the boys that got the kid to give up his gun & walked him to the principal's office. They said that he was shooting, but right next ot them ran out of bullets in the one clip, so he took it out & went to reload, but that is when the one boy took his arm & talked him down. It turned out that there was actually still a bullet remaining in that clip afterall. The amazing thing, also, is that all of these students that were spared had personal relationships w/ Jesus. You should hear the way they had that auditorium cheering for Jesus, & standing up for righteousness in their schools; being bold in praying, & witnessing to other kids about salvation. It was fantastic.

Many kids last night went up front to repent of their sins & give their lives over to Jesus. Those survivors from the shootings were going to speak at local high schools while they were in town. I was told by someone at church whose son attended at his school that those kids were just as vocal about Jesus, & salvation & preaching to the school as they were last night. You know the administration of the schools were flipping out! I'm sure they did not expect them to preach "Jesus" in the public schools, ha-great. Even last night, one of the M.C's was a well respected new reporter from our CBS affiliate. He is a Christian & was very vocal about how excited he was about the event & he had a cameraman there the entire time. Well, on the news, they only showed about 5 seconds of it right at the introduction of the broadcast, & that was it!!! It was so quick that I missed it. I'm sure he wasn't pleased about that. You know it was definitely news worthy of a segment. I mean, there were thousands of teens there, the "newsworthy Columbine AND Paduka survivors" were there, it was at the city's Civic Center, and the local Ford dealership had a drawing & gave away a New Mustang, not to mention the entire event was FREE! A handful of the city's biggest names in industry sponsored it. You know, if it was a convention w/ guest speakers from the KKK, or an Atheist Religion, the news would have had a good spot for them on the newscast! All of those teens w/ their arms lifted up Praising God, too bad the secular media is not of Christ - they really missed out on powerful testimony and a great opportunity to bring their viewers something meaningful.


J.A. McDaniel.



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