The meeting of, and fellowship between,

Elder Norman Sherman and Bobby G. Richardson

by Elder Norman Sherman




On Saturday, August 2, 2014 I read the following post on Bobby’s Face Book page ...


$ 10,000.00 REWARD


Offered to anyone who can find ONE scripture in the authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible TEXT:


(1) with the word "trinity" in it;


(2) where the term "persons" (plural) was ever used to describe God or the Godhead; OR


(3) where anyone was ever baptized with the TITLES "Father, Son and Holy Ghost" pronounced over them. (These "titles" are quoted by virtually every religious denomination today among BOTH Catholic and Protestants, regardless of whether they baptize by sprinkling or by immersion).


  For many years, I've had some serious reservations and questions about the concept of a "Triune God", and the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. So much so, that I had begun doing some research on it, years ago. I even started asking questions among other preachers. A couple of them came right out and told me that the Trinity is not mentioned any where in the entire Bible, and isn’t sound doctrine. But others sort of danced and jerked around, and went through all sorts of mental gymnastics, trying to explain and justify their belief in the Trinity. To me, they seemed to know better, but felt that they were too far along in the game, and had too much at stake, to turn from it, OR they simply were not willing to admit the fact that it is NOT found anywhere in the Scriptures stated as they state it, believe it, preach it and teach it. And, the vast majority of them will not admit error, repent, do the right thing and get on the right track.


After reading Bobby’s Face Book Post, that day, I decided to give him a call, not to challenge him on his $ 10,000 Reward, but to ask him some questions concerning the Trinity. And, as it turned out, he happened to be in Macon, Georgia visiting with a friend, and brother in the Lord. When I introduced myself, I told him that I had been reading his posts on Face Book about the Trinity for some time, and that I agreed with him, but wanted to ask a few questions. Also, let me add, that having read Bobby’s writings for some time, I recognized the gift God has given him in that area, too. It is plain to see from his writings that he takes all of this very seriously, and has spent a great deal of time studying the Scriptures. During our conversation, I found him to be an humble man, who has a genuine love for our Lord and His Word, as well as a real love, burden and concern for others. During our conversation, I shared with Bobby that I had just broken away from a denomination that I had been affiliated with for quite some time, and that their core doctrine is the Trinity, just as all the others that I’ve been affiliated with, down through the years, have been.  In addition, I explained that I used to hear a lot of preachers on TV and radio talk about the doctrine of the Trinity as though it was written on the rock. And, they would talk down about those who did not embrace the Trinitarian belief, as being unsaved and not even Christians. But, there was this one particular preacher whom I followed, who had a very large ministry, and who went against the grain, presented himself as being a “oneness” preacher who didn’t embrace the Trinitarian belief. For years, the main stream denominations had been writing all sorts of things about this man because of his rejection of the Trinitarian belief. However, as I told Bobby, just this year I was reading where this same preacher has now embraced the Trinitarian belief. And, when I asked Bobby what he thought would cause someone who didn’t embrace the Trinitarian belief, to change and begin embracing it, I can’t remember what all he said, but I do remember him mentioning something about money. So I began to think about that as Bobby was talking, and could see where money could very easily have a big part to play in all of this. I could also see, how that this preacher could give money to those other main stream denominations, writing things about him for not embracing the Trinity, saying things like his ministry was a cult because he didn’t embrace the Trinitarian belief.


I believe the reason why so many preachers embrace the Trinitarian theory is because it is so widely accepted, among both Catholics and Protestants. And, to reject it would put them at odds with the vast majority of professing Christians. Therefore, those who may question the theory, or have serious issues regarding it, might just be too afraid to speak the truth, and ask the questions. So, they just go with the flow. Anytime I see a man who would post something as Bobby did, and back it up with a $ 10,000 reward, I know this man is serious. I also believe the reason more preachers will not stand up and confront man-made theories and false doctrines, or have the courage and conviction to preach the Truth in its entirety, is because many of them do not independently read and study their Bible, or even think for themselves, for that matter. Instead, they just “parrot” the things their particular denomination “spoon feeds” them, and they reap many benefits for doing so. Also, I thank God for another Caucasian brother in Christ from Flagstaff Arizona, whose name is Rick Johnston. I ran across Rick the same way I ran across Bobby, by surfing the web looking for someone speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Every time that I would have a question as I was going through a school that was set up by Rick, called the Damascus Road Ministry School, he would say, “Brother, if I give it to you it’s mine, but if you go in there and found it, then it belongs to you.” In other words, go read, and you’ll find the answer for yourself. He never gave answers. Instead, he made me go, and search the Scriptures. This is how I have been doing it ever since. And, I appreciate men like him. There aren’t many around like that, any more. So, when you find someone like that, take all the help they offer. Although, Brother Bobby and I have never met, and all we know about each other is from Facebook, the day I called him, he offered to meet with me somewhere between Macon and Augusta, Georgia. And, if I had not made prior plans, it would have been a real joy to meet him face to face.


These days, many men called themselves men of God. But the truth is, many really aren’t. Oh, yes, they can talk the talk. But, they don’t walk the walk. Furthermore, most of them only devote their time to those whom they believe can benefit them in some way.  Bobby mentioned a Scripture in the Book of Isaiah (58:1) which says, “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” I didn’t say anything to him, but this Scripture is very special to me. Preaching the Word without fear or favor is what I am all about. And, from what I have learned about Bobby, he is out there doing what many who called themselves a preacher, don’t have the courage or backbone to do. There are many things that some preachers do and say that they either don’t have a clear understanding of, or they have more questions than answers about. So, they just go along to get along, and don’t rock the boat. However, it is time for men of God to get a backbone, stand up, get off the sidelines, get in the game and speak the word, at all times. Any serious Bible student knows the Word does not portray the God of the Bible as three separate and distinct, co-equal, co-eternal, co-existent “persons” who are joined together in some sort of mysterious union to form ONE GOD, as if the Godhead is a “committee” of three people. In the short period of time that I listened to Bobby, it was obvious that he had a very good understanding of the Apostles One God Monotheistic Doctrine, and who Jesus “really” is. And, I was very much impressed with his knowledge of the Scriptures, as well as his explanations. So much so, that I sat through one of his Saturday night (on line) Bible Studies at 7 PM (Central Time) in the “Deeper Waters” Chat Room on And, I stayed for the whole thing, from about 8 PM until 11 PM (Eastern time).  Now, there is no way that I will sit through anything that long unless the Truth is being presented, and I know it to be. At one time, there were many people in the chat room. But, when people have been indoctrinated with man-made theories and false doctrine, they really don’t know that they don’t know, but they “think” they do. And, as a result, they don’t know how to receive more light, or the Truth in its entirety, simply because it is something they’ve never heard before. And, their first instinct it to reject anything that doesn’t sound familiar. Due to some very effective indoctrination, many have been “programmed” to embrace man-made theories, opinions and doctrines, which consist of part-truths and out right lies. And, they get mad or very upset when someone presents the Truth “in its entirety” to them because it doesn’t agree with their pre-conceived ideas (programming).


I believe with all my heart that people do read the things that Bobby and I write and post on our Facebook page. And, even if they do not comment on it, or they may just be a fly on the wall, and pop in and pop out, of a Chat Room, I also believe many seeds have been, and are being, planted. God’s Word is going forth. And, it will not return void. People like Bobby and myself cause the Saints to read and search the Scriptures to see if what we are saying is really in the Bible.


The reason Bobby has never had to pay out the $ 10,000 Reward, and never will have to, is because he knows the main pillars of the Trinitarian theory does NOT appear in the Scriptural text of the King James Version of the Holy Bible, as believed, stated, preached and taught by Trinitarian ministers and lay workers. Besides, Bobby is a “former” Trinitarian, himself, and he already knows that it can’t be found in the Bible. And, those who take his challenge, and try to find a Scripture to claim the $ 10,000 Reward, soon find out for themselves that it can’t be found in the Bible. However, because of Bobby’s Challenge and Reward, they did search the Scriptures. And, that is Bobby’s sole purpose for the Challenge and the Reward anyway, to get people to see for themselves that the Trinitarian theory is just that, a theory not found in the Bible. And, a very seriously flawed theory, at that.


I’ve shared with my wife on a number of occasions, that there are those who would challenge me in a heart beat if they thought I was saying something that wasn’t in the Word of God, but they wouldn’t say anything if they don’t know. And, I’ve heard many say that the New Testament Church is “this way” or “that way”. But, when you look into God’s Word, and then compare that with what they are saying and doing, it is obvious that something is wrong. The Bible says one thing, and they are saying and doing something else.


After fellowship with Bobby on the phone that day, I went out to our local Lowes store,where I saw a man with JESUS and a cross on his cap. So, I walked over to him, and asked him what church he went to, and to tell me something about it, as to how it is governed, and whether or not they have women preachers. But, before I could get to the Trinity the work crew he was with had checked out, and was leaving the store.  I gave him one of my cards. And, he said that he would call me that night, and we could talk more about his church, and denomination. Now, if this pastor had called me, as he said he would, the Trinity and the subject of one God would have come up. However, he never called. And, I failed to get his number. At any rate, after talking with Bro. Bobby that day it was like the chains were off, and I was out of jail on the subject of the Trinity.


Before I forget to mention, after fellowship with Bobby that Saturday, the following day I broke it all down in our Sunday morning service. The service started at 11 AM. And, at almost 2 PM we were still there talking about the Trinity as opposed to the Apostles One God Monotheistic Doctrine. And, I told the congregation that from this day forth we will be a New Testament Book of Acts Church, following the Apostles One God Monotheistic Doctrine.


-Norman Sherman




Here is a list of some things about my background, as well as my ministerial credentials


• Born June 27, 1950 Albany, Georgia

• Attended Monroe High School Albany, Georgia

• Served in the United States Army for 21 years

• Vietnam Veteran

• Marriage to same woman for 44 years

• Retired County Correction officer

• Ex Third Degree Master Mason

• Licensed to the ministry in 1988 Heilbronn, Germany

• Ordained to the ministry in 1988 Heilbronn, Germany

• Small business owner Seaside, California

• Pentecost Outreach Ministry Seaside California 

• Associate Minister main chapel Fort Ord, California

• Youth Pastor Lighthouse full Gospel Seaside, California

• Lighthouse Full Gospel Augusta, Georgia

• Pastor of Lighthouse Full Gospel Augusta, Georgia change to Bethel the House of God Augusta,Georgia

• Set the Record Straight Broadcasts one year 1050 WFAM Augusta, Georgia

• Graduate Rhema Bible School Tulsa, Oklahoma

• Graduate Billy Graham School of Evangelism Monterey, California

• Graduate Institute of  Biblical Studies Lynchburg, Virginia

 Andersonville Theological Seminary Camilla, Georgia

• Damascus Road Ministry School Flagstaff, Arizona

International Association of Industrial Chaplin School San Jose California

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