Last Call At Mile Marker Seven

The Bobby G. Richardson Testimony

Last Call At Mile Marker Seven on I-55 in South Mississippi on December 10, 1985.

Mile marker seven wasn't my first meeting with the Lord. You see, I was a back slider, someone who turned their back on God and walked away, or left their father's house, as the "prodigal son" did in the Bible. However, after coming back to my Father's house, I do NOT take my eyes off of Him and place them on man (or anything else) anymore. I am NOT saying it took my downward spiral to please God, but because of it AND because of the Longsuffering Love, Mercy and Grace of God, I have been humbled, as a result. Previous to that, there was a time when my unbridled zeal turned into spiritual arrogance. And, I know I must have come across, and acted, as though God had to clear things with me before He made any major decisions. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Humble Beginings

Born on Christmas Day 1952, the baby boy, and the fourth of the five children of my hard working parents, I grew up on our small family farm in rural Mississippi, and couldn't wait to leave home and get out on my own. My daddy grew up on this same hill. And, my grandfather died when daddy was only ten years old. As a result, he had to take on the responsibilities of a man at a very young age. Being their oldest son, my daddy dropped out of school in the fifth grade, so he could help my grandmother, who never remarried, raise all five children right here on this same hill I am on today. As I look back over the years, I am thankful for my "country" upbringing. And, I only wish I could remember all of the old sayings I grew up hearing from grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles and other older people in the community. I didn't realize it at the time, but they were some real pearls of wisdom. The few sayings I do remember, I truly cherish.

My daddy worked manual labor jobs, mostly in the oilfields and in construction, and was gone a lot. That is, until he was totally disabled when I was 13. I remember times being very hard back then. My mother worked in a garment factory for meager wages, and managed as best she could. And, I started doing public work, to try and make my own way without being as much of a burden on them. At any rate, I guess, out of necessity, my mother was the disciplinarian of our family. Also, she saw to it that we were
in church every time the doors were open. It was something she felt very strongly about. I grew up in a main line denominational church that utilizes the "Roman Road Plan of Salvation", which virtually all denominational churches use today (more on this later). And, at about the age of 12 years I accepted Christ as my personal savior, prayed the sinner's prayer, made a public profession of faith, went down front and shook the preacher's hand, was voted on and accepted into the church membership and got baptized in the titles of "Father, Son and Holy Ghost". Afterward, I felt really good about what I had done. And, God knows I was as sincere as I knew how to be. But, it wasn't too long after that before I got a nagging feeling that it had to be more to it than that. I just didn't know what it was or where to look for it. And, back then if a person voiced their concerns, they were told it was just the devil trying to make you doubt your salvation. So, you just suppressed it, and went on any how. But, I got away from most of my Church learning. Although, I wasn't a mean or vicious person. I was just a typical rough and rowdy country boy, who had lots of friends, and who liked the girls and the outdoors. I worked a lot and fished, hunted, played football, horsed around a lot. And, I often got into some kind of mischief. In my junior or senior yearbook, our classmates elected me and one of the girls as the most popular ... or most out going ... or most goofy ... or something like that.

Appointment With Truth and Love

In 1968 I met a little Pentecostal girl who witnessed to me about the power of the Holy Ghost, and the need for me to have this gift. She gave me some tracts to read. One in particular really stirred my heart. It had a man's hand with the index finger pointing straight at you which read, "Your Important Appointment" on the cover. Then, when you opened it up, on the inside, it read, "With Death." It talked about those who would NOT be going to Heaven, and had a few pictures detailing some of the various sins. And, I saw myself in that tract. Any how, I took the tracts home with me, and sat down at the kitchen table with my mother. When I showed them to her, she suggested I leave that stuff alone ... and I did.

Still, later on, this Pentecostal gal backslid, and stopped going to church. I did not understand anything about that, nor did I care at that time. But, I do remember thinking that things would be much better now that she wasn't going to be witnessing so much, and making me feel bad about some of the stuff I was doing. Then, sometime later on, she and I started dating. 1970 was a very big year for me. That's the year I graduated from high school, left home, got married (to that little Pentecostal girl), went to work for the railroad AND turned 18. I registered with the Selective Service (Draft Board). But, my draft lottery (call up number) was high enough that the call up for the year I was born didn't get up that high. And, although three of my best friends, who were a grade ahead of me in school, joined the Marine Corps, I decided I wouldn't join unless I received a draft notice. Many of my relatives and friends did serve. And, I have the utmost respect for those who served ... and those who are serving ... our Country. At any rate, shortly after we married my wife told me she wanted to start going to church. I told her, "O.K., that's no problem, we'll go to the church I grew up in." But, she adamantly said, "No, I want to go to a Pentecostal church." Therefore, I told her that I wouldn't stand in her way, she could go if she wanted to, but that I wasn't about to go to one of those "holy roller" churches. And, in hind sight, she did something very strange, but very wise. She just told me, "Bobby, if you can show me in the Bible where what my church teaches is wrong, then I will go to whatever church you want to go to." Friend, that was like saying sick'em to a dog. I figured that would be a piece of cake. After all, everybody knows them "holy rollers" are just a bunch of ignorant and unlearned ... crazy people, right?

Little did I know that God was about to rearrange my furniture, and "open my understanding" as to who He REALLY is. I will never forget it. I bought a real good King James Version Study Bible, a Thompson Chain Reference Bible (which I still use, most of the time, to this day). At that time, I worked the night shift. And, I carried my Bible to work with me every night. During the slow times, I would read, read, read. I started reading in the book of Matthew, like you would do with a good novel. Boy, it was some slow plowing for a long time. Then late one night, after I had made it all the way over to 1 Timothy 3:16, God removed the scales from my eyes! It came to me as clear as day! The "oneness" of the Godhead became crystal clear to me that night. And, I was totally blown away that I had not seen the Apostles' One God Monotheistic Doctrine long before I did. The Bible came alive to me that night! My understanding of God's Word was DRAMATICALLY improved. And, it became crystal clear to me that a person's first step towards God had to be to repentance. Also, I came to understand that strict compliance with, and obedience to, Acts 2:38 fulfills the repentance requirement as well as the other requirements that Jesus explained to Nicodemus in John Chapter 3, about it being necessary for a person to be born again of water AND of the Spirit before they can enter the Kingdom of God.

My older brother has a 3-D picture on the wall in his den. It looks like modern art with lots of colors. When I asked him about it, he said it had a hidden message (picture) inside. He then explained how, if I really looked "deep into it" I would see the hidden message. I stood there and stared for a few minutes. And, low and behold, I saw it! The crucifixion scene! That was an incredible object lesson for me. Using this analogy, is how I now explain the way this "ONENESS" Truth was revealed to me. I saw something in the Bible that I did not see at first, even though it had been there, staring me in the face, all along. However, it was only after I got beyond the "surface level", and got into the depth of it, that I saw it. 

Getting back to my story, several years after our marriage, and after I had prayed earnestly for quite some time, I received the Holy Ghost one night during a revival when the visiting evangelist laid his hands upon me in prayer. By the summer of 1973, we had two beautiful little girls (six years later we had another beautiful little girl). Following a combination of things including a church split, my wife's health problems and personal finance problems we both stopped going to church. About a year later, we started going back again. Then several years later we fell flat on our faces again, both of us. My wife is still back slidden, please pray for her. She is a wonderful wife and mother, but she just can't seem to get a bur out from underneath her saddle. It has nothing to do with God. Every bit of it has to do with people ... some of whom were supposed to be "in the Church". For me, all of that was buried, along with a whole lot of  other stuff, at mile marker 7 on the cold night of December 10, 1985. And, although, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God forgave me of everything there that night, there are some things I simply do not talk about, but will take to my grave. It has all been thrown into the sea of forgetfulness, even though it wasn't erased from my memory. By the way, it took me about three years to finally forgive myself and move beyond all of it in order to not be hindered and distracted from doing the work God had called me to do.

Let me say, here, backsliding doesn't happen all at once, it never does. There are sins of commission. AND, there are sins of omission. It starts with small things, and usually just sort of snowballs until you have a real problem on your hands. By that time, you have no prayer life. And, Satan has a field day, and kicks you right in the teeth. Then, like Samson, your strength is gone and you feel sort of like he must have felt when he was bound, mocked and abused. This ole boy went so far out into sin until I honestly was afraid that I would never make it back. I had in my mind a transitional period of months or even years to make my way back to God, if I ever made it back at all. But I am so thankful that God had other plans. On Dec. 10, 1985, God used a precious little "born again Christian" lady, who I was interviewing to go to work for me. Not long into our conversation she began to talk to me about the Lord and the good things of God. And, it really got to me. For the first time in a long, long time I opened up and talked about the Lord with her. She marveled that I knew so much about the Bible but lived the kind of life that I obviously lived. At one point she just stopped and asked me "Bobby, what happened that caused you to turn your back on God?" (By the way, she never did go to work for me, but I discovered that wasn't the reason our paths had crossed anyway). At any rate, I said, "Rena, I do not have any reasons. Anything that I would say would be 'excuses' because the Bible says we are drawn away by our own lusts. So, I do not blame anyone else for my failures, certainly not God, because everything He has ever done for me has been for my good." I was under conviction so bad by that time that I had to bring our meeting to a close, and leave.

Last Call At Mile Marker 7

After I left her home in Pt. Sulphur, LA that evening (headed back to my home in Mississippi), and before I got too far up the highway I was crying like a baby! I began BEGGING God to keep His hand on me, and not let anything bad happen me until I could get my life straightened back out, and find my way back to an altar of repentance. After driving through New Orleans (I only remember bits and pieces of the drive because it was almost like I was in a trance or something), I then got on I-55 and headed north for Mississippi. I had driven probably about a hundred miles crying, praying, repenting and pouring my heart out to God, still thinking of a transitional period. Then it was as if God softly spoke to me and said,
"Bobby, you don't have months or years for a 'transitional period'. I have kept my hand upon you all this time. But, now you must make up your mind tonight. Whatever you decide about me tonight, is going to be final." Friend, I cannot put into words the feeling that came over me. I was SCARED out of my mind! And, I say this to my shame, but I've been in bars many times when the bar tender hollers out, "Last call for alcohol" before the bar shuts down. And, God had just given me my "last call". Needless to say, but I did NOT feel that I was ready to deal with that "Last Call" yet. Nor, could I see how in the world I could go from where I was at that time, to where I needed to be without a transitional period of time of some sort.

By this time I was entering the State of Mississippi. And, the mile makers start all over. So, I pulled off the highway at mile marker seven and made a vow to God there that night that if He would deliver me from the junk I was caught up in, that I would go, do, be and say what ever and where ever He wanted me to go, do, be and say. Friend, I meant those words that night and I still mean them to this very day, these many years later! And, you know what? God did deliver me there that night (COLD TURKEY), and I have come back as the prodigal son, a wiser, weaker and more humble man. This time around I hope and pray that I never, ever allow anything or anybody to come between me and God, EVER AGAIN. By the way, please don't misunderstand me. I am NOT opposed to any of the twelve step programs out there. I'm sure they help a lot of people. But, God had other plans for me. And, as a result, I know first hand what the power of the Holy Ghost can do. One big difference between the twelve step programs and being delivered is this:  A person who is in a twelve step program may or may not be delivered and will always say that they are a "recovering" ... whatever. Whereas, a person who has been delivered by the power of the Holy Ghost can say with conviction "I used to be a ... (whatever) ... but by the help and grace of God I'm not any longer".

If I hadn't been blessed with a GOOD wife, I would have been in a world of hurt there too, because my wife had every right to leave me, and never look back. And, I found out, some years later, that on the night of December 10, 1985, she had started preparing to leave me. I wasn't due back home that night. And, when I came in and announced that God had met with me at mile marker 7, and that I wasn't going to doing the things I used to do or going where I used to go, and that I was going to start going to church again, she was taken back ... to put it mildly. My wife really did love me. And, she didn't want to leave me. But, it wasn't just her. Our children were being very adversely effected. But, I thank God that she really did love me, and stayed with me until God got things sorted out in my life. After coming back to God, I have tried harder than I ever have to be the kind of husband that God wants me to be. I LOVE MY WIFE, AND I DO NOT CARE WHO KNOWS! That is exactly the way I feel about my Lord too. I am so indebted and so grateful! I feel unworthy to be counted among the number of God's children or to stand behind His sacred desk to preach the gospel. 

Immediately after God called me out of the bar rooms back on Dec. 10, 1985, and still to this day, I have felt a very strong need to maintain a non-denominational status in my work for God. While I didn't leave here running from anything, several months later I moved my family to the Central Florida area, and started all over again with a clean slate. We lived in Florida fifteen years, from 1986 to 2001. And, I attended churches in Kissimmee, Belleview and Ocala. When we moved back to my old stomping ground, and back to the same red clay hill I grew up on in rural Mississippi, I visited around but felt a very strong attachment to the First Apostolic Church of Bogue Chitto, where I currently attend, play the guitar, sing and teach the adult Sunday School class. However, from time to time, I still visit the main line denominational church I grew up in, just down the road. And, I have accepted invitations to play and sing at senior events there, and other denominational churches in the area. And, I participate in open forum type Bible studies on line and in person. God has been very good to me.

The Hand of God, The Hand of Mercy

Besides all of the incidents and accidents of growing up, God spared my life a number of times that I am very much aware of.  One account which I was too young to remember was when I was just a toddler. This is how my family related it to me: I had followed my older brothers and sister and their friends out side to play, and watched them jumping a ditch in front of our house, when we lived in Louisiana. And, after they all went inside, I stayed outside and tried to jump the ditch, but didn't make it. Instead, I fell into water that was over my head. And, two strangers that just happened to be walking along the road at the time, saw it. And, they rushed to my rescue, got me out of the ditch and took me to my mother. As far as I know, nobody knows who they were. I believe they may have very well been angels of the Lord. Then, when I was 8 or 10 years old, I started riding motorcycles, and fell in love with the thrill and the freedom which riding a motorcycle brings. Since that time, I have had a number of minor accidents and three very serious accidents. The first bad one was when I was about 13 (in 1965-66) when I hit a huge pothole on a country road, doing about 60 m.p.h. The motorcycle went one way and I went the other. The second bad one was in 1975, when I t-boned a car that pulled directly out in front of me on Terry Road in Jackson, MS, leaving me only enough time to grit my teeth before impact, and sending me over the car like I had been shot out of a cannon. About six months later I fell off a drilling rig into the Gulf of Mexico about 10 o'clock in the evening hour, the night of Oct. 10, 1975. The drilling superintendent saw me fall, and strike my head on a pipe or part of the structure on my way down. He assumed I was knocked unconscious, and would be pulled underneath the 400 foot drill ship we were on, and probably never surface. I learned later that he immediately dispatched a roustabout to go tell the Captain to radio the Coast Guard that a man was over board, and missing. I can still hear those big diesel engines rumbling down below the water level, in the engine room, not knowing which way was up, or how far down I had actually gone. What I did know was, I was hurting all over and my clothes and steel toed boots were a real hindrance trying to maneuver. But, not wanting to wait and see if I would start rising toward the surface naturally, I starting kicking and clawing in the direction that I thought was up (and believe me, after falling [in a tumbling fashion] for about 30 feet into pitch black water, that is NOT an easy thing to do). But, thanks be to God, just before I completely ran out of strength ... and air, I surfaced. However, no one on the drill ship could see me, as I had fallen on the side of the ship that wasn't lite up like the other side was ... for the loading and unloading supplies. So, I had to cling to a huge tire hanging on the side of the ship, and hold my breath every time a swell came until they saw me. Then, they lowered the personnel basket down into the water with the crane. And, a co-worker dove into the rough seas to help me get to safety. During that ordeal I can remember thinking about my wife and children, and thinking that I never dreamed I would die the way I thought I was about to die. But, God smiled on me once again. Then, on June 7, 2003, I left the road on my motorcycle to keep from running over the guy ahead of me, who lost control of his motorcycle in a curve. As a result, I broke 11 ribs, crushed a vertebra, lacerated my spleen, collapsed a lung, and came very close to going home. Following three ambulance rides, 30 something days in four different hospitals (a whole lot of it in ICU), I was once again reminded just how fragile life really is. I left home that day thinking I would be the one to pull my boots off. But, I certainly wasn't. When you're laying flat on your back, not knowing if you're going to live or die, you cannot help but think about these things. Once again God reached down and spared my life. And, I am thankful that He isn't done with me yet because I feel like there is much for me to do. By the way, no matter how much you or I may say ... or believe ... we love the Lord, He loves us much, much more. So, I'm doing the best I can as the Lord walks with me, and opens the doors before me. Also, I'm still riding motorcycles, and still loving it as much as I always have. Besides intercessory prayer, absorbing God's Word, playing my guitar, singing and praising God: riding my scooter is the next most spiritually tranquil thing I know of. And, while not everyone can identify with that, or understand it, it's very true. Last, but certainly not least, following an annual physical in December of 2006, I found out I had prostate cancer. Again the mighty hand of God was upon me. In April of 2007, I underwent radical surgery, and am doing good. In fact, not only have I been delivered from the cancer, but I now have a renewed lease on life to meet my goal of world impact on the Internet. And, thanks be to God AND my friend, who is also my webmaster, the Lord has blessed, and made a way for this to happen. Amen! And, in my dealings with those who have been through a lot, I try to encourage them to see their glass half full, because things could always be worse ... AND, God truly is merciful, whether we realize it at the time or not

Sincere Commitment

Since mile marker 7, I have purposed in my heart to make Heaven my home regardless of what others may do, say or think. And,  the mission I am on is an all or none ... do or die ... situation. There have been times when I didn't know exactly what to do. But, there is one thing for certain, quitting or turning back was no longer an option I would even consider. It is easy to live for God on the mountain top, when everything is fine. But, that is not where we really "prove" ourselves, and get stronger. We prove ourselves and grow stronger when we feel so all alone, in the valley, but remain faithful to God, despite of how gloomy things might seem to be. And, as a result, there have been many times since mile marker 7 when I have had to do as David did, and encourage myself in the Lord. Times may change and people may change. But, God's Word doesn't. It is forever settled in Heaven. And, those who develop a genuine love and hunger for God's Word will find that it will actually empower us during the hard times and the valley experiences. Because we walk NOT by sight but by FAITH. And, Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. And, without Faith it is impossible to please God. 

I am not a pastor, preacher or evangelist. And, God hasn't called me to minister from behind a pulpit in those capacities, nor to build up any particular denomination. Instead, I am just an ordinary person who had something out of the ordinary to happen in his life which has not only transformed my life, but also my goals, ambitions and even my thought process. God has called me to reach people out there in the highways and byways with His Word (the Apostles' One God Monotheistic Doctrine) with no strings attached ... expecting nothing in return. And, that is the reason for the non-denominational work I am involved with on the Internet.

There is a tremendous difference between a Bible "discussion" and a "debate". And, I've done a lot of both .... not that I go around looking for a scrap. But, I am set for the defense of the Gospel. And, while I thank God for the talents He gave me (Mat 25:15), I have discussed (and debated) the Scriptures with a whole multitude of trinitarians of the many of the different denominations ... many of whom had impressive degrees behind their name. Also, I have studied "with" AND debated a good number of Mormons (I've read the whole book of Mormon), AND Jehovah's Witnesses (I have a copy of their bible too). Although, I haven't read all of the Jehovah's Witnesses bible, I have done a lot of comparisons between it and the King James Version, and found flaws in their own doctrine, from their own bible. When I use the word "debate," some people misunderstand. They think I am one of those people who just likes to "stir up trouble." But, nothing could be further from the truth, as far as I am concerned. My heart's passion is to share the Apostles' One God Monotheistic Doctrine with anyone who says they believe in God and the Holy Bible (specifically the King James Version). And I have no way of knowing whether or not I am dealing with an honest, sincere and open heart who is hungry for all of what God has in store for them, until we get into the Word, and lay aside all ideas and opinions. At times when the Word cuts like a two-edged sword, some are unwilling to accept it and allow it to be the lamp unto their feet and the light unto their path. Instead, they get really upset with the messenger who delivered the message.

There are times when someone will try to back me down because I don't compromise the Apostles' One God Monotheistic Doctrine with anyone. The reason being: there are no specific Scriptures to be found which will condemn it and support the very seriously flawed man-made theology that multitudes are being spoon-fed (indoctrinated) to believe. If I have an axe to grind it is NOT with the people, but with the ministers who deliberately mis-lead people and fight against the Apostles' One God Monotheistic Doctrine. Therefore, I stand my ground, and am set for the defense of the gospel against anything and everything that does not harmonize with it. And, I hope and pray that God continues to bless me with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding I need to defend this precious "oneness" truth until I breathe my last breath, or until that long awaited trumpet sounds, which ever comes first. By the way, this is all about Truth. And, when I refer to Truth, I am NOT speaking of man's "part" truths, which can be as misleading as an outright lie. Instead, I am talking about Truth in its entirety, leaving nothing out, nor skipping over anything. Because this is also about salvation issues, according to the Scriptures ... NOT the opinions, ideas, theories or traditions of man. I don't want to see anyone be lost, which is why I'm doing everything I can to reach people with the Truth in its entirety. Think about this for a moment: In Exodus 19:10-25, the Glory of the Lord covered Mount Sinai. And any who so much as touched the mountain (man or beast) died. Also, in 2 Samuel 6:6-7, Uzzah touched the Ark of the Covenant, which was only to be handled by Levitical Priests, and was struck dead immediately. The Lord is Holy, Holy, Holy. And, the only ones who will stand (and live) before Him are those who learn that the way up in God's Kingdom is down (humility), and go all the way down, as Jesus did when He was obedient unto death. However, we do not have to physically die to please God. But, we do have to die out to sin, self and the world, and obey God's Word. Therefore, I am doing my best to explain God's Word precept upon precept.

I have been affiliated with an independent "oneness" church. I have been affiliated with churches whose pastor was licensed by one of the various "oneness" organizations. And, I spent a couple of years on the back side of the desert, once, when I wasn't affiliated with a church at all. By the way, the Church of the Living God is not bricks, mortar and sound equipment. WE ARE THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD! FLESH AND BLOOD! The church I am affiliated with right now is not affiliated with an organization. The pastor was licensed through an organization out of Arkansas. But, due to things being allowed, which he felt strongly was NOT pleasing of God, he relinquished his credentials. As a result, I helped him form a non-profit organization in order for him to be licensed, and recognized by the state, to perform marriages, funerals and the like. Of course, all of us know, in God's eyes, ministers are NOT validated by a piece of paper.

Shortly after moving back home to Mississippi, I made this church my home. It is where I feel God wants me to be. The pastor, Bro. Roberson, loves God and it shows. I know him personally, and spend a good bit of time working with him. So, I know his motive is NOT for the lust of money, power and authority. This man is not a fake! And, he feels, as I do, when people are praying, fasting and studying their Bible, the Holy Ghost will take care of the things that need to be taken care of in our lives. However, when the occasion arises when he has to deal with situations regarding church government and unity, he deals with things in a prayerful, kind and loving way, not like a drill sergeant in the military with a bunch of new recruits.

Having said all of this, I give thanks to God and a good webmaster that my on line Bible Study is the #1 ranked "non-denominational Bible Study on Google, Yahoo and MSN, and has touched the lives of people in over 50 countries. However, I do NOT try to steer folks to a denominational church in order to build up some organization. I must maintain the non-denominational status God placed on my heart in order to fulfill God's purpose in my life. However, at the conclusion of my Bible study I do ask people, if they haven't done so already, to find them a church that preaches the Truth in its entirety, and comply with God's Plan of Salvation. After which, I quote Acts 2:38. I want to see people saved the 'right' way that's the bottom line. It doesn't matter to me if they repent of their sins and get the Holy Ghost in a box car, and get baptized in the precious name of Jesus in a cattle trough in the next town.

Most of my family are very religious, but don't have the same understanding of the scriptures as myself regarding the Apostles' One God Monotheistic Doctrine. My three beautiful daughters were brought up to embrace the gospel I set forth in my Bible study. However, the error and sins of my past had a VERY negative impact on them, too. I love my family! They are all exceptionally good people, who are as honest as the day is long. You just can't find any better than them in my book. I love them all VERY much, and go out of my way to avoid giving the impression that I some how think I am any better than them, or more spiritual than them. That being said, I do try to drop some salt in the horse's trough every chance I get. Because there is an old saying: "You can lead the horse to water but you cannot make him drink." But, I am persuaded to believe that if you put a little salt in the horse's feed every chance you get, he will eventually want to go to the watering hole on his own, without having to be led.

I take my calling very, very seriously, and strive to do be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God AND submissive to the Will of God. Therefore, His Word is exceedingly important to me as I  embrace, promote the Apostles' One God Monotheistic Doctrine ... the Truth in its entirety. 


As some of you know, this prodigal son’s train-wreck of a life took a dramatic 180 degree (about-face) turn, back on Dec. 10, 1985.

That night (at mile marker 7 on northbound I-55, in southwest Mississippi), God delivered me “cold turkey” from the things that were dragging my soul down the road of misery, shame and torment. And I immediately embarked upon an independent non-denominational Bible Study AND Outreach (which, today, even includes an Internet presence .., which started back in about 1998).

From 1986 through 2001, we lived in the Great State of Florida .. which I often refer to as, my Spiritual Bootcamp .. where we had moved shortly after my Damascus Road type life transformation, that took place on Dec 10, 1985.

After 34+ LONG years of praying for her (spanning from Dec 10, 1985 until Nov 2020), my (prodigal) wife finally returned to her Heavenly Father’s home, too. Now, she and I are joined together with others, who also embrace, preach, practice and teach the First Century Jerusalem’s Apostles’ Doctrine, in a closely knit (growing) church family.

So, this gets me to my point. In addition to the Internet presence I started years ago, we have put legs on our prayers, and are going out beyond our four walls, offering to pray for our families, friends, neighbors, and even for total strangers on the street, in restaurants, and places were we meet. And we’re simply asking if we can pray for them, for someone else, or some situation that they really need prayer about.

Soooo, if you or someone you know has needs (spoken or unspoken), and would like for us to pray, please let us know. If you see us set up in front of a store somewhere, the sign will just read ..
Can we pray for you?
Jesus loves you!

Please be sure to stop, and check in. We’re not there trying to sell stuff, or asking for donations. Instead, we’re just out there being more about our Father’s business, AND demonstrating genuine Christian love and concern, while ministering to others by praying for those who will let us.

There is a real need for more prayer, these days, because we are living in such trying and uncertain times. And just about everyone is going through something. And most everybody can use as much prayer as they can get. Also, there is so much hurting, pain and suffering, out there.

I can be reached via email at

Thank you ... and God bless!

PS: the mile marker 7 sign was seen in a trash dumpster in 2003, at Co-Lin Jr College in Wesson, MS, by someone who knew me, and my story. I was recovering from a near fatal motorcycle wreck. And he and the rest of my church family signed the back of it, and brought it to me, in the hospital. It’s one of my most treasured possessions.

Well, I hope that gives you some insight as to who I am, what I am, and why I do what I do, the way I do it. May God bless you is my most earnest prayer! Wishing you God's very best!

Your friend, brother and fellow laborer in Christ,

Bobby G. Richardson,
Non-Denominational Layman

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