The Yard Sale.


  I had the yard sale because of obviously hurting for money to pay the bills. Well, I put my candy vending machines out in the front yard, with other items too. I didn't know if they would sell at all, but I thought I'd see. There were 10 of the smaller models, and one larger model. Many people inquired and said they'd come back to buy, but one showed up. Well, I continued the yard sale for the next 2 weekends. Still no machines sold. I did make a good bit of money to pay on some bills, but I was still near disconnect on the water coming up and didn't have it. I didn't worry because my child support payments would be coming, you know once a week. Well, the child support payments stopped coming. I called the courts, his employer, etc, but still no answer. A couple of weeks went by, and still nothing.

I was down to the last day before the water would be shut off. That was bad enough, but my food stamps didn't come, either! The Dept. of Family and Child. Service said that they went to new computers and they were having problems. I was doing some heavy duty praying! I had like $3 or $4 left, period! I was on empty in my car, and we had no milk, bread, drinks, nothing. I was thinking if I should buy maybe $2 in gas to get me to the store to get bread, or milk, or what? Suddenly I thought that the mail ran and maybe there would be a check or something in it, who knows, so I got up to run and see.

When I opened the front door, a man had pulled up in my yard and called over to me. I was surprised and disappointed that I opened the door just then because feeling depressed and looking a mess, I didn't want to see anyone. Then he tells me that some weeks ago he saw some candy machines in my yard when he was driving by and wondered if I still had the big one left. I told him yes and brought him to the storage room and showed it to him. He bought it on the spot for $60! He was a Christian too, and we had a nice talk. I needed $40 to keep the water from being shut off the next day, and that left me $20 to put in the gas tank and get a little food to hold us over. Isn't God great!

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