Down To The Wire.


  When I was a brand new Christian, having recently repented and asking Jesus into my life, I had my first taste of His power.

Being only a teenager at the time, I was working three jobs and still trying to pay my bills. I had to support my car, insurance, which was pretty high due to the type car I had and my young age, and some local debts that I had to clear up. I had a deadline for which to get my car insurance paid as I was going to be canceled, and although I can't recall all of the details, I know that there would have been crucial repercussions. I tried to borrow from everyone I knew, which were only a few since I separated myself from most people I knew. I wanted to call one the "old" crowd, but my new Christian friends reminded me how that would not be pleasing to God, and that would be just what satan wants me to do. She said that I needed to go to God and ask Him to come through for me and not worry about it, just have faith. I kept telling her that I knew though that I wouldn't have anywhere for the money to come from so I couldn't see how that would be possible. I just could not see where God would send the money from because I knew that no one owed me anything. Well, nevertheless, I prayed and gave my problem over to Him, trying to believe that He would find a way.

It was one day before my deadline, and I just kept saying to myself that somehow He WILL come through for me. Well, that same day (one day before my deadline) there was a check in the mail for about $5 over the amount that I needed, which was over $100. There was no letter with it, no note, not even a check stub. Just a check written out to me alone in the envelope. The return name and address on the corner of the envelope, I did not recognize. I had to call information to get the phone number and I called them. I told them what I received. It turned out that they were the managerial offices for a supermarket in town that I worked for two years prior. They told me that they had just found an error in payroll dating back to when I worked at the store. They forgot to pay me a whole weeks pay. I didn't realize it because at that time I was told that an employer always withholds your first check for some reason, and the week I quit I got a check, not knowing that was for the pay period for the previous week.

It was just enough with $5 to spare. I had a hard time getting people to believe me. That was my first lesson in trusting in God and not one's own reasoning.

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