Prodigal Finally Came Home.


  In 1973 there once was a young man that was a junior in high school. This kid was called incorrigible by his teachers and counselor. He had a smart mouth and a bad attitude. I'm sure he was a problem to his parents as well. They always said he never worked up to his potential, but I guess he didn't care. I don't know if he believed in God or was just an agnostic. He had some friends it seems, who followed the leader. They caused trouble and disrupted class, often. It seems one day one of his cohorts became a Christian. This kid resisted any attempt to listen to what his buddy had to say, and mocked him every chance he could. They drifted apart and after graduation never heard from his buddy again. The young man got older and ten years later after a lot of searching gave his life to the Lord.

He remembered his buddy used to live across the street from this Baptist church. He remembered that his friend had attended this church in high school. The man now in his 20's figured he'd try to track his buddy down and tell him that he was a Christian now. This once troublemaker figured that his friends mind would be blown by the news, of his salvation. Nobody but Paul (His high school friend) had ever tried to tell him about Jesus. Maybe everybody figured that he was a lost cause, certainly not worth trying to save. Paul unfortunately had moved away to Texas, The 26 your old guy figured that he would visit his friends old church and see if anybody knew Paul's' new address.

The service was OK and they had a testimony time. The pastor asked for volunteers, and this 26 year old new Christian walked up to give his story. He told how the Lord had saved him and mentioned that he had really mocked Paul, a former member of their church. After the service ended the pastor hugged this young man. The pastor was so excited to meet him and the reason why blew the young mans mind. He said Praise The Lord! And said so the prodigal finally came home. It turned out that for those 10 years this church had never stopped praying for this young mans salvation, even years after Paul had left, the church.

This story is true because I know that young man. The high school punk that everybody figured would never amount to anything is me. My friends name is Paul Riley. I haven't seen Paul in 24 years. He has no idea that I am a Christian, now. I thank God that a friend and his church never gave up praying for me. I am a living testament to the power of prayer. Don't ever stop praying for somebody no matter how much it looks like they will never become a Christian. I certainly had no idea anybody was praying for me. For all I knew nobody cared if I lived or died. There is nobody too sinful that the Lord can't save. This side of heaven we will never know how important our prayers are, We will only find out in heaven.


Shalom, Jeff.

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