When I Moved.


  Did I tell you what happened when I moved here from South Carolina? You know that the Lord led me to move here. I fought it, but He made it perfectly clear that this is where He wanted me to live. The weekend after I leased my apartment, I drove back to S.C. to get more of my things and to close out my account to get my money to cover the rent check I had written and the utility deposits that I had also written. I drove into my new town at night, dropped some things off at the apartment and had to run out to use the pay phone and go to the store. At the pay phone it was dark and didn't see that I left my wallet there. I drove away and realized what I had done minutes later. I went back and my wallet was already stolen! I panicked for a minute because in it was all of the money I had to my name!

The rent check and utility deposit checks were already out and would bounce to say the least. I immediately called on God and told Him that I would trust him completely and just to show me what to do. I prayed and thanked God for taking over even though I did not know what I was going to do. I went to work the next day, and told what had happened. People couldn't believe how calm and trusting I was in the Lord. I told them that He led me to move here and I was obedient so I knew that He wouldn't dessert me now. I called my new Property Rental Company, and explained what had happened and asked the manager to please help me out. She said that they would give me a break and not cash that check and would add that month's rent to a few other months later. That was great. Now there was the matter of the checks to the utilities. I needed $200. I had called some charities from the phone book, but had no luck.

During my prayer at work, I told the Lord that right after work and from picking the kids up from school, I would just go driving around to some churches for a while, and if I still couldn't get the money, I would go to a grocery store and ask people for help and tell them the truth of what happened. I told the Lord that I would not go home that evening until I had the money. I asked Him to please send the right people to cross my path that would give me the money I needed. After I picked the kids up, they were hungry. I hadn't thought of that. I didn't have any money on me at all and knew that we would be out quite a while so I told them that we would stop home quickly only to pack them lunch boxes, but that we were leaving right out to do what we had to do. I had also almost forgot that I was supposed to stop in at the Police Station to sign the Police report from my complaint from the night before. The Station was a couple of blocks from my house. I knew it would only take a minute and I also knew that those checks would be going through the bank the next night so I wanted to hurry.

I stopped in at the Police Station and signed and they gave me my copy, just then another officer yelled over and told me that an officer would be stopping to see me. I told him that I would only be home for a minute so unless it was really urgent, I needed him to wait until the next day. That officer said he was the Chief of Police, and that he didn't know what time the other officer would come but he would give him the message. We got home and quickly put together some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We weren't home 5 minutes when someone came to the door. It was the officer who had taken my complaint the night before. He said he was watching in his patrol car waiting for me to get in because he had something important to give me. He reached in his pocket and handed out to me two $100 bills!! I was stunned! He said that the Chief was supposed to tell me that he had something important to give me and this was it. It was his own money, and he said that he really felt compelled to give it to me. I told him that I never have taken money like that from a man, but he assured me that the Chief approved it first and that there were no strings attached so to speak. I told him that $200 was the exact amount that I needed to cover those checks for the utility deposits that I had already written. He didn't know that, he said it just happened to be what he had to spare. I told him that I wanted it to be a loan, and he agreed. What split timing God has!

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