The Lord Gave Me The Right Job.


  I was driving past the mall here when the feeling hit me all of a sudden, that I was thinking how I would like to work in the mall. Especially with the holidays coming, I just thought it would be a pleasant and enjoyable thing to do. It is strange because many years ago I worked in a mall and didn't like it, and back in '91 I worked in a mall in Idaho while we were there on a work assignment for 3 months, and I did enjoy it, but nothing to where I would want to do it again. So, I thought it a little funny that all of a sudden I would really be pondering on the idea. I gave it great consideration by thinking of all of the type jobs that would be available to be able to work there. All of my ideas involved waiting on customers and opening stock and that sort of thing, which NONE of them appealed to me, so I thought nothing more of it.

In the following weeks, though, every time I drove past the mall the same FEELING would come over me. Keep in mind that I would only be able to work part time due to having to be available for my son. This would mean only between 9am-2pm. Well, that in itself is almost impossible, because one would either have to work 1st shift, full time, or part time is always evenings, etc. Anyway, it turned out that there was a job opening in the paper for the mall - part time, in the Information Center; Customer Service, buggy rentals, you know. Well, I went to check it out. I told the lady about the hours that I would need due to my son, etc...she said, "perfect, that is just what I need, and I can't find anyone" so after filling out the app. and speaking w/ her, she told me that she was EXTREMELY interested but the interviews were to be set up in two weeks, she would call me then.

By the time I got home she had already called to tell me that she didn't want to wait on interviewing me and to please call. My interview was that next Monday. It was about 25 hours per week @ about $7 per hour. That is just what I need. I looked up and told God that now I understood why He was preparing me those weeks ago. I think that is so neat how God works that way. You know, I hired and trained Customer service reps. for years. I was a Regional Sales/CSR Training Mgr., so that is my forte. This kind of job may seem trivial, but to me it would be just the type of low pressure, public job that would suit me now in my life. Then, just when I thought out and reasoned all of the possible hours that people would hire for, God says, oh, no, if I am in control, there is always more.

The interview went perfectly. The Information Center also is the focal point for all of the emergency calls that might come through for all of the stores in and outside surrounding the plaza stores and grounds. So there are procedures and codes that one would have to be trained in and be able to handle when things should arise. The Manager gave scenarios in which I had to extensively answer on how I would handle them. Some of the situations I had run across through the years as a Regional Manager, two professions ago, and she let me know she was very impressed.

At close, she told me to be patient because she couldn't hire for another 3 weeks. This would be the first job that I would have since I had to resign from my career in 2000, as an Educational Interpreter for Hearing Impaired, which the Lord led me to in 1993. Resigning was the most difficult thing to do, but my son, who has developmental disabilities, had gone into medical crisis beginning in 1997, and peaking in 1998-1999. He needed 24 hour care, and when my medical leave expired I had no choice. God was with me every step of the way, and I did know that. My son had been doing wonderfully for many months, and the churches and charities that have been assisting in supporting us have been a true blessing. I didn't want to be dependent on them permanently, though.

So, 3 weeks later, I was in a store check out line with my mother. We were discussing the situation about the job and how I should be hearing from the Mall Manager. Back and forth the conversation went on how if she didn't hire me for some reason, I would have to do something as I was in such financial distress, but who would hire me knowing that I can only work certain hours, as my son couldn't go into child care facilities due to his medical history, and I can never be dependable as any morning he could wake up "sick" and I would have to miss work, not even knowing for how long. I told my Mom that even something like flipping burgers would probably be ruled out. My Mom asked with panic in her voice, "What will you do, then?" I told her that I will not start worrying now because I had already given it over to God.

Just then, as we got to the cashier, a man standing next to her extended his arm to me holding some forms and he said, "You come work for me, and I'll work around your son." I was stunned. It was an application, and I told him that I assumed he was the Store Manager. He confirmed that he was, and told me that he heard our conversation and he would be happy to help. I told him the only hours that I could work, and he said whatever hours I can work he could deal with it. The job was to last through the upcoming Christmas Holidays.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't thinking that I would take the job. Cashiering just didn't seem appealing to me. That kind of job was in my past about 15 years prior! A couple of days later, I heard from the Manager from the Mall. She regretted to tell me that as much as she would have liked me to be on her team, the situation with my son just made her nervous. She did offer me another job working in the food court, but would give me the same rate of pay and would be permanent. This way, when I had to be out, she wouldn't have any trouble finding anyone to cover me. I told her that I would take it.

Later, I felt like something wasn't right. Then it hit me that I didn't pray about that decision. I didn't think that I needed to. Then it entered into my mind about the other cashiering job, which by the way, paid $1 less per hour and was temporary. I prayed about it, and sure enough, I knew the Lord wanted me to take the cashiering job. My Mom thought I was crazy, but I told her that I needed to go where God was directing me to go and to forget logic!

Well, let me tell you, this job has been wonderful! I know God put the desire into my heart to really enjoy it. It had already come up many times where my son fell ill, and they have not only been understanding, but helpful, too. I am sure that even with good intentions, the mall managers would not have been as understanding those several times already, when my son got sick. Once having to miss 3 weeks straight. By the way, the store where I am at also ended up changing me to a permanent employee.

I know without a doubt, that if God hadn't put the idea about working in the mall, and that job at the mall hadn't come available, I would have never applied to the mall. Then, if I hadn't applied for that job at the mall, I would never have been discussing it in that check out line in that store, and I would have never gotten this perfect job, because I can tell you definitely, I would have never applied for a cashier job at this store...never!!! What a path of stepping stones!

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