Her Broken Body, Healed!


  When I was 17 yrs. old & living in Connecticut & a very young Christian, the business that I worked in was run by Christians. We even had to pray over all outgoing mail, clients & had bible study everyday.

I worked out of the owners house, a three story. They had a full time housekeeper who had a 5 year old tiny little girl. One day the neighbors phoned that the little girl was taken to the hospital. She was playing w/ another child & while laying down in the long hill like driveway playing w/ toys, the other child went into the parent's full size 8 cylinder car & put the transmission into neutral. It rolled down the hill & the rear & front wheels rolled completely over her torso.

The report that the doctors at the hospital gave us after x-rays was that she had many, many broken bones, pelvis & all, including complication w/ the crushing of some organs, she would need surgery almost immediately. When we got there to see her, that poor girl was wrapped from almost head to toe & in some kind of traction. I was in awe of the terrible site, I didn't think I could stop crying for her.

The doctors said that because of her tiny size and something about the extensive damage done, they needed more x-rays & specialists to be brought in. They would need to remove some of the casting from her body that would have been able to be left alone just to get full images of the rest that needed the surgical attention.

Our employers called all employees that would come to close the offices & come right over. They did, and we all stood around her holding hands and prayed for healing in Jesus name. After all the prayers, we all left.

The NEXT day, while I was working, the phone rang & I answered it. It was the ecstatic housekeeper. She was at the hospital and said that she AND HER DAUGHTER would be over shortly! When the doctors went to check her and prepare her for all of the new tests, they noticed that her body looked normal....healed.

They took her to x-ray to confirm it. It was true! She was completely healed! There was not a broken bone in her body & all organs were perfectly normal.

One doctor refused to speak to the mother afterward. The others told her that they had no explanation for it, other than miraculous!

They even pulled all of the other x-rays & tests taken from the day before when it happened, and the proof was right there. They said that the other doctor wouldn't speak because he was a non believer, & he couldn't explain what had happened, he had never seen such a thing.

Sure enough, a little while later, in came the housekeeper & her daughter. She ran over to me smiling so big & she said that Jesus healed her. I KNOW she was right, and so did everyone else!


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