$1.28 And Some Faith
(The faith of a mustered seed).


  One day while driving to work at a school, where I am an Educational Interpreter for Hearing Impaired, my fuel tank was on empty. Finances were extremely tight as my husband left my two children and me with no support and leaving me with all of the major bills.

Before we left the house (my two sons and myself) gathered up all of the change and pennies that we could find around the house (something like $1.28).

We stopped along the way to put it in the gas tank. At the gas station I prayed and asked God to bless us and provide some financial assistance. I also said to Him; God, I barely have enough money for gas, I can make it to work but I have no way to get home. I'm trusting in you to get me home.

Besides the gasoline problem, I had to pay the water bill or it would be shut off. I may have had two days left on that. We also needed some food, and a few more necessities. After I gave my situation over to God, left it at the Cross, I thanked Him, and told Him that I knew He would come through. I didn't know how, but I told Him that I have learned not to question or try to use my own reasoning. I asked Him to ignore my tears. I knew God would do something. I didn't know if it would be what I thought needed to be done, but whatever He would do and allow to happen, I praised Him because I knew that it would be the very best thing, because it would be His will.

Then, I asked Him to show me, to reveal to me anything that I might be doing wrong, or not doing enough of, or perhaps He wanted me to do some "leg" work myself to take care of this problem. I told Him that I wanted to be sure that if there was a door He wanted to open that I would not miss it simply because I didn't go out and seek it. Just then, a quick picture, like a still photo flashed in my mind. It was of a woman, a new friend in a Sunday school class from my fairly new church I had been attending. This class had taken up a couple of collection for me some months prior. I didn't know why they had done it since I had never been in their class. They said that they just knew that I needed the money, and they took up a collection and gave it to me in church. The couple of times they had done it, saved our power from getting shut off. So, while driving along I saw them in my mind. I thought it odd as I had been in an unusually depressed state of mind and had not gone to church for three weeks. I had not spoken to anyone from church at all, either, not even this new friend, Carol from the class.

I asked the Lord if He was trying to tell me to call her or one of them from that Sunday school class. Then, I told God that I don't think I was guessing it right, because I just couldn't actually ask these people for money who had helped me of their own free will before. That to me would have been like taking advantage of their generosity. I dismissed it, and closed in prayer, thanking Him for His blessings. Keep in mind that the last $1.28 I just put into the gas tank would only get us to school. There would definitely not be enough in the tank to get us home that day!

After lunch, I returned to my classroom and sat down at my desk. There was an envelope with my name written on it. I opened it, and inside was $80! The note enclosed said that this was going to be given to me next week Sunday, if I were to show up at church, but thought I might need it now. It was signed, Carol and put in our school system's inner-office mail delivery and delivered to our office. I had forgotten that she worked at another school in the same county. For several weeks that Sunday school class was taking up a collection for us and I had no idea at all. God laid it on her heart to get it to me that day, instead of waiting another week or so, He is so wonderful!

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