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Many folks are already accustomed to using the e-sword bible study program and are enjoying the downloadable modules which are used with the program. However, we also recognize there is an ever growing number of visitors that are just getting started and are also hungry for God's word. That is why we are offering free to EVERY visitor these reference library books that are used with the e-sword program, and our instructional of installation and usage.

1. Download the study program @ www.e-sword.net
2. Download these free reference library book modules (below).
3. Each book can be selected and read, as seen in screen shots (below).


  Reference Book Library:

. A Survey of 2 Samuel
. Acts 2 and the Purpose of Baptism
. Antiquities of the Jews
. Basis for Affirming the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
. Did God Leave Jesus on the Cross Prior to Jesus' Death
. Flesh and Blood Not Inheriting the Kingdom
. Fox's Book of Martyrs
. Habakkuk - Journey Toward a Theodicy
. Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye Believed
. Is Jehovah the Name of God
. Jesus' Prayers
. Justification and Sanctification
. Plural Pronouns Used for God
. Saint Paul the Traveler
. Salvation the Roman Road or the Jerusalem Road
. Seven Undeniable Beliefs Of The Original New Testament Church
. Sketches of Jewish Social Life
. The Beast of Revelation 17 - Person or Institution
. The Believer's Union With Christ
. The Biblical Significance of Names
. The Development of the Doctrine of the Trinity
. The Dual Nature of Christ
. The Gospel According to the Galatians
. The Serpent Seed Doctrine Examined
. The Temple - Its Ministry and Service
. The Training of the Twelve
. Understanding the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
. Wars of the Jews
. What Is The Meaning of Christ's Death
. Where is God - Exploring the Nature of Omnipresence
. Who Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6

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