Letter to Pastors, Preachers, and Teachers

-Bobby G. Richardson



What you are about to read is written with a sense of urgency of the hour. This does not apply to everyone, but to those who know who you are - this needs to be said.

There are Pastors that are doing all they know to do to get folks in the doors, using new programs, music, etc. But, that does NOT justify preaching any watered down doctrine, or even being afraid to preach the TRUTH, IN ITS ENTIRETY. This thing started in the Book of Acts, and it will most assuredly end with the Book of Acts. God is NOT coming back for anything less. Man's way has never worked, AND NEVER WILL. PERIOD!

The book of Acts "Church" is still alive. AND, it is growing. If you aren't on board already, you need to board before it's too late. But, by all means, do NOT make the "claim" of being an extension of the Book of Acts "Church of the living God" if you're not going to preach what the "foot print followers" and "original" (First Century) New Testament Church Leaders embraced, preached, practiced and taught. Those who fail in that area may as well put a sign in front depicting your church building to be a house of spiritualists ("religious spirits"), which offers a huge buffet table with something for everybody, and NOT just one way to Heaven.

When you get people to come through the doors, don't be surprised if you don't keep all of them. Some will leave the moment the Truth "in it's entirety" is being preached, as they are NOT genuine "truth seekers", but rather those who just want to go along to get along. Others only want to serve God on their own terms. So realize this from the get go, and don't sugar coat "anything" in your sermons. If you claim to be of the "Church of the living God", prepare the sheep, they need to hear the Truth "in it's entirety".

Get out of all them "other" books, commentaries and "Later Writings", and get back into the Word of God. Re-kindle that first love you had before you got all complicated, cross-threaded and comfortable. I know some of you don't even understand the "Major Messianic Prophet" of the entire Old Testament, Isaiah. So, I can only imagine how clueless ya'll must be regarding the "Minor Prophets".

Things ain't gonna end well **IF** those of you who are doing it, don't quit "misrepresenting" God's Word, repent and turn around, AND get with the program. He can't be very happy about what some of ya'll are doing. And, listen, God's anger is bad enough, no doubt, but that ain't even taking into consideration the wrath and vengeance of all the flocks out there that are being deceived AND fleeced ... once they find out what some of ya'll have been doing to'em for soooooo long.


But, each one of you know exactly who and what you are, and so does God!

While I realize some of ya'll don't have a clue about what's going on, nor about the "former" and "latter" rain, ya'll better either shape up, or ship out. 'Cause it ain't gonna be pretty **IF** you keep playing around with God, and misrepresenting His Word. I'm not a preacher, pastor or an evangelist, but I know I can't be the only one God has been dealing with about all of this stuff. Some of ya'll have gotta be receiving some of this same mail, even if you ain't doing nothing about it. We're living in the Last Days. Sound the alarm, guys! Try to be pro-active NOT re-active.

Things are happening! God is doing things. And, ya'll can either get with the program, and be involved in helping to make it happen. OR ya'll can keep on doing what some of ya'll have been doing, and either watch it happen OR be left standing around, wondering what happened?

**IF** you're gonna do something or be something for God, make it your #1 priority to do AND be the very best you possibly can, be what God called you to be.

Amos wasn't part of the "in crowd". God called Moses from the backside of the desert. David was preparing for greatness all along, when he was tending to his father's sheep, and didn't even realize it. Jesus by-passed the synagogues full of self-righteous Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes to call what some may have thought was a rag tag team of mid-fits. But, I'll tell you what, those ole boys turned their world upside down for Christ. And, I am convinced, God will call people outta the places some of us have been to get'er done, if need be. He ain't gotta have me or you ... OR anything we've got. As a matter of fact, He's already got a faithful Church just waiting on that Trumpet to sound, to rise up out of the ground. What makes anyone think He "needs" us ... OR that He's really fortunate to have us in His corral ... is beyond my comprehension.

Think about the "foot print followers" of our Lord. Was their main concerns popularity, acceptance, pleasing all the "important" people, acquiring financial security, and living a nice, snug, cushy life? Absolutely not!

**IF** any of this has struck a familiar cord with anyone, and it is truly your desire to get out of that rut (which is only a grave with both ends removed) and step up to the plate, and be the man of God, you were called to be, this ole boy will do anything he can to help you in that endeavor.

The world is full of "mama called and daddy sent" preachers. But it ain't the suit and tie that makes a preacher, NOR is it a fancy title or certificate hanging in their wall, either.

"THE' Church is NOT a building of bricks, mortar and sound equipment. And it is NOT even an "earthly organized" religious organization or denomination. "THE" Church is "Blood-bought, Spirit-filled" living, breathing humans who have been obedient to the Apostles One God (Monotheistic) Doctrine. And there's MILLIONS of us out here!


Ministers: This is NOTHING personal as far as I'm concerned. It certainly doesn't apply to ALL ministers. But, for the rest of you: **IF** this shoe fits, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Those who deceive and mislead the people they lead, under the guise of Christianity, are MASTERS of illusion. The "pea" will ALWAYS be under the shell they have predetermined, and want it to be under. These guys stay away from the preponderance of Scriptural evidence, found written verbatim upon the pages of the King James Version of the Holy Bible on several vital subjects (and will try their best to keep their "sheep" away from that preponderance, too). Instead, they play shell games with God's Word, to make their position seem like it's solid as can be, when in reality, it is full of holes.

Besides being just plain wrong about it, they also believe AND teach that some of the promises God made to His Bride, the New Testament Church, and the nine gifts He placed in the Church, (as found plainly written in the Bible), are NOT for us today, but were for only a very few and/or for a very limited time, as they were "temporary" promises and gifts.

Listen up, folks! Just because these ministers don't embrace'em ... and really wish they weren't even in the Bible, so they wouldn't have to do their little "shell games", anyway ... does NOT mean theses promises AND gifts are not for you and me or somebody, today.

I find it absolutely amazing that the ministers whose personal and private prayer life does NOT include the kind of intercessory prayer that Paul spoke of in 1 Corinthians Chapter 14 (which "edifies" the individual) have the audacity to present themselves as an utmost authority on everything having to do with speaking in tongues, in general. And they don't even know that speaking in tongues "as the Spirit of God gives utterance" has MORE than one function AND purpose.

As amazing as this may sound, many of'em will go so far as to say that anyone, today, whose personal and private prayer life includes intercessory prayer and speaking in tongues, is of the devil, and that it is NOT of God.


'Cause they don't believe in it ... don't do it, themselves ... and don't want it among their "sheep".

1 Corinthians 14:2 (KJV)
1 Follow after charity, and desire spiritual [gifts], but rather that ye may prophesy.
2 For he that speaketh in an [unknown] tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth [him]; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.
3 But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men [to] edification, and exhortation, and comfort.
4 He that speaketh in an [unknown] tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church.

Does everybody have the very same talents, gifts and calling? Absolutely not! But open your eyes and start thinking for yourself. And start STUDYING God's Word.

**IF** it ain't what was "born" in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost, Acts Chapter 2 ... and especially **IF** one has to go "outside" the Bible to find it stated the way they believe it ... it is man's ways, NOT GOD'S Way. It is merely "organized religion" ... LIKE A SACRED COW ... plain and simple. Period! End of issue! And, Yep! You can quote me on that.

AND folks, there's LITERALLY THOUSANDS of'em out there to choose from off the buffet table of "theology".

Maybe that is PRECISELY why those of us who once partook, but later turned from it, and started embracing the Apostles One God (Monotheistic) Doctrine, without fear, favor, apology OR compromise are sooooo despised and ridiculed 'cause we don't "follow the crowd". Hmmmm. Maybe so.


I am NOT a preacher, pastor or evangelist. Nor, do think I'm any better (or more holy) than anyone else.

God did NOT call me to promote ANY denomination. I love people, but detest liars, cheats, thieves, bullies, "double standards" haughtiness, arrogance, and hypocrisy. PERIOD!

It does NOT matter to me what religious persuasion one may be ... OR **IF** they make absolutely no profession of faith at all. I can figure out a way to be their friend without compromising my convictions and beliefs.  All I am interested in is finding the "few" ... the ones who really and truly love God, love His Word, and have the capacity to lay aside all bias, prejudice and preconceived ideas, and independently study their Bible (NOT "other" books, commentaries, creeds and "Later Writings") ... who have grown weary of the same ole same ole "status quo", and would be willing to join me in scouring God's Word, searching out the PREPONDERANCE of Scriptural evidence, found written VERBATIM upon the pages of the KING JAMES VERSION of the Holy Bible on ANY subject of interest, study or discussion.

The Bible is NOT complicated! All one really needs is a "white heat" (burning) desire, a King James Version of the Holy Bible, an exhaustive concordance with Greek and Hebrew dictionaries. ALL of which is available FREE on line.

**IF** you are one of the "few" of whom I refer, and implore, PLEASE contact me via PRIVATE MESSAGE, OR acts2@impact-ministry.com OR 601-695-8173 as soon as possible.

ALL others need not apply. hee, hee

God bless!
-Bobby Richardson

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