Welcome to Impact Ministry.

A special welcome from Bobby G. Richardson. Thanks for stopping by. It is our desire that you will look around, and be inspired and edified as a result.

At one time, I was a backslider on a fast track to destruction and I knew it. However, on the evening of December 10, 1985 God used a little lady in Port Sulphur, Louisiana to witness to me, and have prayer with me. That act of obedience on her part brought about a strong sense of conviction and condemnation on my part. I left Port Sulphur right after that. And, God started dealing with me as soon as I got on the highway. As I drove and considered my spiritual condition, I thought it would take a transitional period of months or years to make my way back to God. However, God gave me my "last call" while driving from Pt. Suphur, Louisiana to Brookhaven, Mississippi. After miles of weeping, praying and repenting, I stopped at Mile Marker 7 on I-55 in south Mississippi, and buried a lot of failures, excess baggage and returned to God as the Prodigal Son (Last Call at Mile Marker 7). I moved my family to Central Florida in 1986, and went through what I refer to as a 15 year "spiritual boot camp". During that time we lived in Kissimmee, Belleview and Davenport. In 1998 I bought a new computer and started a few plain Jane web pages in AOL's Hometown Community, which I had put up myself. Later, they became Impact-Ministry.com which was put together by a dear friend and brother in the Lord. My on line Bible Study is called, "The Seven Undeniable Beliefs of the 'original' New Testament Church", and for several years it has been ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN for "non-denominational bible study" searchs and I give God all of the glory, honor and praise.

In 2001, I returned to my old stomping ground in rural Mississippi, where I maintain my calling of non-denominational lay work. Currently, I am participating in Home Bible Studies with a very dear friend, and Brother in Christ, Bro Lynn Oglesby, who lives in a neighboring county. He believes people need more teaching in God's Word, to prepare and equip them for the times ahead. And I completely agree.

While I've been engaged in on line Bible study and discussions for almost 20 years, there's nothing that takes the place of personal one on one, Bible Study. If you, or someone you know, lives in Southwest Mississippi, please get in touch with me for meeting times and location and/or to schedule a Bible study in your/their home. We can also probably schedule one even if it's outside Southwest Mississippi. Thanks ... and God bless! -Bobby